Privacy Policy

Collection of Personal Data and its incorporation into Files

Personal information collected by include (1) first and last names, (2) date of birth, (3) address, (4) telephone number, (5) sex, (6) email address, (9) bank details, (10) any other type of financial information provided, (11) information available in files on solvency, (12) information contained in public access sources necessary to take The decision of the loan, and (13) information of its navigation in the Website 365-day loans.

If the user accepts the validation of his bank account through information relating to the transactions made during the last twelve (12) months. If the user accepts the connection to the Website through social networks (e.g. Facebook, Twitter), we will also collect data that the User chooses to share in making the connection in accordance with the privacy policies applicable to such social networks.

The servers of the Website will be able to automatically detect the IP address and the domain name used by the User. An IP address is a number automatically assigned to a computer when it connects to the Internet. All this information is registered in a file of activity of the server duly registered that allows the later processing of the data in order to obtain measurements only statistics that allow knowing the number of impressions of pages, the number of visits made to the web services, The order of visits, the access point, etc.

Treatment of Personal Data

The User, by marking the box, expressly accepts, in a free and unequivocal manner that his personal data are processed by 365-day loans for the following purposes:

  • To manage the maintenance, development, control, and rendering of the services offered by the Website; In particular and among others, (i) manage the loan application either automatically or manually, which may be requested by the User after being automatically rejected (ii) make the decision on the granting of the loan, (Iii) update the information relating to the loan, (iv) manage or recover the outstanding debt, and (v) attend to queries, requests, and complaints made by the User.
  • In order to personalize your experience on our website, and help us to review, manage and improve our services and effectiveness.
  • Perform statistical analyzes that allow us to improve our services and technology.
  • Report on news of our services, as well as to contact you with the purpose of improving them.
  • Identifying, preventing and detecting fraud and/or money laundering and combating them.
  • Prepare statistical analyzes and market studies, including, where appropriate, surveys and interviews with the User.

If, by marking the corresponding box, the User expressly accepts, in a free and unequivocal manner, that 365-day loans send you commercial communications on the products and/or services of 365-day loans and/or its subsidiaries or related companies.

365 day loans that the data has been entered by the User, as well as that they are correct, accurate and truthful.

In accordance with current legislation on data protection, 365-day loans have adopted the appropriate security levels according to the type of data provided by the User and, in addition, have installed those means and measures at its disposal to prevent the loss, alteration, unauthorized access and extraction thereof.

Where personal data need to be processed with the help of human resources, appropriate measures shall be used to avoid unnecessary exposure of such data.