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Are you looking for favorable loan choices during some crisis? But are not confident about your repaying potential? Well in that applying with 365 day loans would be beneficial for you. Why? It is because here we provide installment loans Canada matching services for loans which will have a flexible loan term for repayment. So, if you want to get settled with installment long term loans Canada then we are here to help you in every possible way.

Installment loans Canada are basically online loan intermediary which have been actively involved with trusted lenders. So, here we will be helping troubled borrowers to get his or her loan application to reach the lender in the easiest approach and without consuming much time. In other words, we will be bridging the gap between lenders and borrowers so that one can easily reach out for convenient loan options based on his or her necessities.

In order to apply for loans at, the applicant must fulfill some eligibility criteria set for loan borrowing. Here one who is of the age of an adult, who is a permanent resident of Canada, who is salaried with stable monthly income proof and who has been holding an active account in some reputed bank account will be allowed to apply for loans with us.

We as 365 day loans are connected with lenders who specialize in loan choices like installment loans Canada. So, here someone who is facing hardship in managing unforeseen needs with limited income, these loans would be an ideal choice. Another advantage to cash in by availing these loans is the flexible repayment term which will allow the borrower to pay back the money borrowed in small installments till months.

With us, the applicant needs to make an online application request for the chosen loan option. 365 day loans will provide the online form which should be filled and completed by the borrower. The application should be submitted with relevant information since once submitted the application will reach us for further processing. Next, we will forward the application details to lenders so that loan offers can be matched. Lender after validating your financial status will decide the rates for loans. You will be informed about the rates so that you can compare loan offers. This will help you to zero in on the deal which offers favorable prices which are affordable for you. Finally, the lender has to give a nod of approval so that the loan money can be transported online to your checking account.

While applying for loans at 365 day loans the borrower must be able to furnish a post-dated check as collateral in favor of the loan sum. For a salaried borrowed it would quite easy. So, here even a tenant and other non homeowners with a stable job can apply for installment loans Canada.

If you are worried about applying with credit tags then you must know that here during loan applying we will not be interrogated about your credit history. Once your application details are handed to the lenders, your financial history will be verified by the lender. However, if you have a favorable financial condition then the lender might get ready to approve loans for you.

How Much Does It Cost

Are you scared with the thought how much does a loan cost? If yes then find your answers right here at 365 day loans. Here you can manage to apply for loans which come with convenient repayment term. For small cash needs occurring when you don't have the cash to source out, you can opt-in for loan choices available with us. The loan amount you will apply would carry some of interest and APR charges which are mainly to be decided by the lender of these loans. Since here we are not the lending persons, we will not impose any service charges on you.

Interest amount

For loan choices like small payday loans, the amount of interest would be determined by the lender. Since we are a loan intermediary here thus we have nothing to do with interest and other fees. It should be noted here that the interest amount would be differently be charged by lenders.


Annual Percentage Rate is the total charge of including fees and other internal costs. These charges are also affixed by the lenders. Besides, it is obvious that different lenders would charge a different amount based on his or her preferences and considering the financial condition of the borrower.

No service charges

But here 365 day loans provide an online medium to apply for loans and for this reason here no application charges would be levied by us. Moreover, we process the loan request online and thus processing fees are also exempted here by us. In short here one can apply for loans free of cost.

When we execute a credit check on you this will leave a record on your credit report. This could crash your credit score. If you apply for a number of loans over a short period of time then this will also crash your score, and can appear to lenders as though you are worried for cash, which makes them warier of you when you relate to them.

No Wait

Finish the safe online advance application in minutes. No reports are required. Be in a split second affirmed and get an e-exchange inside 5 minutes.

No Paperwork

Apply from the solace of your home - no all the more faxing records or holding up in line. The moment online payday advance process is adaptable and helpful.

Get Approved

Just fill a simple online application and you can be in a split second endorsed for your money. Get the reimbursement plan that suits your necessities with 1, 2 or 3 portions.

100% Compliant

As authorized banks, we are completely agreeable with commonplace laws and controls, process implies no shrouded expenses and no curve balls.

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*Installment loans offered in select provinces. Loan principal amounts vary between $1,000 and $15,000 based upon income and other qualification requirements, including a credit check.The APR for the loans is 44.90%.


Please note that payday loans are meant to be used for short term financial emergencies and are not designed to provide long term solutions.

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