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The Cookies Policy of 365 DAY LOANS is formulated to let you know your rights and our responsibilities when it comes to the collection, use and distribution of your personal information when you use our website to get our loan services.

We believe in transparency and accountability while using your personal information to arrange for you the financial aid you are looking for.

When you apply for our loan services, your personal information such as your employment details, Contact No, Email Id, bank account, Social security number, etc get added to the database. We, then share it with our associate credit lenders. They analyze it to offer you the debt that suits your financial condition and repayment ability. We make use of your data to arrange your financial aid only. We don’t share your sensitive personal apart from our credit lenders.

Responsible Lending

We, at 365 DAY LOANS, are always available at borrower’s service at all the times with our loan services namely Installment loans Canada. We suggest a few tips and recommendations before using our loan services:
  • We help employed Canadians to get small and unsecured loans for meeting their unavoidable and sudden financial needs. Make sure you meet all terms and conditions of the loan and avail our loan services only when you need urgent funds immediately and you have no other sources of getting funds.
  • Our loan services are unsecured in nature and that is why they come up with higher APRs. Don’t avail such costly loans for luxury expenses as you might land in the trap of endless debt,
  • Make a budget before applying for our loan services and get the exact funds that is enough to meet your urgent financial needs and you can easily pay it off on time with due interest fees.
  • Our credit lenders might conduct a credit check and ask for loan application fees as well,
  • Supply correct information to the credit lenders as applications with incorrect or untrue information are rejected without any consideration,
  • Bad credit borrowers must use our loan services to meet their financial needs as well as repair their poor credit scores by paying off the borrowed money immediately.
  • Keep enough balance in your bank account so that the loan repayment could take place successfully.
  • Contact your lender credit lender in advance if you require a loan extension.
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